Welcome to Aurora Borealis Designs Studio

"Up North" Michigan has been in me since I was first invited to our neighbors Traverse City cottage when I was 10. After some years of dwelling on Nantucket and in Colorado, my dream of immersing myself in the Leelanau became a reality. I’m profoundly grateful to share this with my wonderful family, friends, and pets. Aurora Borealis Designs Jewelry continues to be the venue to share my love of the area. Working with beachglass, Petoskeys, and Leland bluestones has given me a way to capture a beachwalk and release it into the designs. We use only real beachglass.... tumbled by nature never by man!

Our studio is located in the red building overlooking the Leland Harbor at 106 North Lake Street in Leland, Michigan. Lake Street is the next street to the west from Main Street. Our hours vary, especially in the offseason, so please call ahead if you are making a special trip! Contact Us